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Steven Sabes
Steven F. Sabes
Executive Vice President, Secretary and Director

Steven F. Sabes, co-founder, Executive Vice President of Originations and Servicing and Secretary of our company, is responsible for various managerial aspects of our business, with a specific focus on treasury and financial operations, life insurance policy purchasing, and specialty finance operations. Since 1998, Mr. Sabes has served as a Managing Director of Opportunity Finance, LLC, a family investment company specializing in structured finance. Mr. Sabes holds a Doctor of Philosophy in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in organic chemistry from Colorado College. Mr. Sabes is the brother of Jon Sabes. Mr. Sabes has served as our Secretary, and a director, since 2006. He also served as our Chief Operating Officer from 2006 until May 30, 2014, when he was appointed as our President. On November 13, 2014, Mr. Sabes resigned from the position of President and was appointed Executive Vice President of Originations and Servicing.